Campervan FAQS

Depending on the type of conversion done and our current workload, we can generally convert a van in around 2-3 weeks. This includes road testing, water testing and engineering.

Our camper conversion has a two year warranty. The vehicle comes with a 5 year warranty from Volkswagen.

We are slightly different to other manufacturers in that we only convert the iconic VW Transporter. This allows us to have complete knowledge and expertise of this particular model.

Unfortunately no. Due to the amount of wiring and air ducts running through a multivan (it’s designed to be a people mover) it makes it difficult to cut into the vehicle.

Absolutely. We are a licensed motor dealer and get fleet discount pricing on VW Transporters.

For everyday driving and convenience of parking, the SWB model will be easier to use. The LWB model gives an extra 40cm of length in front of the rear wheel, affording more space inside. This extra space might prove useful if travelling with more than two people.

Our rock n roll bed measures 1200mm x 1800mm.

With the poptop roof fitted, our vehicle comes to 2.06 mtrs high. Larger diameter wheels and suspension lifts will add to this height.

Yes they can. There is a weight limit of 60kgs.

Yes. We offer a Koni fully adjustable lift kit. The lift is adjustable from 15mm – 50mm. The lift also includes a front sway-bar and control arms.

We offer an off road conversion that includes bash plates, wheels, tyres, snorkel, ladder, expedition racks and suspension.

We are open Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm. We are also available on a Saturday by appointment only.

We have a “build a camper’ feature on our website here. You are also welcome to email or call us to discuss your options.

Sometimes yes. It’s best to give us a call to see what we currently have in stock.

Absolutely. We have an office in Arundel on the Gold Coast and in Western Australia. We also sell and register vans into every other state and territory in Australia.

We take a $5000 deposit and order your new T6.1 van with Volkwagen. Once the vehicle arrives, we ask you to pay Volkswagen directly, ahead of it being delivered to us. This way, the vehicle and the warranty is in your name.

To start the process, we require a $5000 deposit. Once received, and you’ve chosen the options for your vehicle, we place the order with Volkswagen.

Whilst the van is on order, we can then go through the process with you of specifying the options for your camper conversion. This is everything from the cabinetry finish, to the flooring, the colour of the poptop roof fabric, etc. There’s a lot of exciting decisions to be made!

Once we receive your vehicle and complete the conversion, we invite you in for handover (or the vehicle can be shipped to you). Final payment is made ahead of you driving away in your brand new Skyline Camper!