What are the advantages of travelling in a Campervan compared to a Motorhome or Caravan?

If you’re planning a road trip, you might be wondering what type of vehicle to use. While there are many options available, including motorhomes and caravans, we believe that travelling in a campervan is the best choice. Here are some reasons why:

1. Cheaper Running Costs

Compared to motorhomes and caravans, campervans are generally more fuel-efficient, which means you’ll spend less money on petrol or diesel. Additionally, campervans are significantly more fuel-efficient than larger RVs, making them a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective choice. 

2. Easier to Park

Campervans are much easier to park than motorhomes or caravans. They’re smaller and more manoeuvrable, which means you can park them in smaller spaces. This can be especially useful if you’re travelling in cities or towns where parking can be difficult to find. All VW Transporters come equipped with reversing sensors, a rear camera and blind spot monitoring as standard, making the job of parking one even easier.

3. Cheaper to Insure

Because campervans are smaller and less expensive than motorhomes or caravans, they’re often cheaper to insure. 

4. Can Fit in Most Underground Car Parks

Many car parks have height restrictions that make it difficult or impossible to park a motorhome or caravan. However, campervans are usually small enough to fit in most underground car parks, which can be very convenient if you’re travelling in a city. Skyline Campers come to a height of 2.06mtrs (on standard wheels) including a solar panel.

5. Can Be Used as a Daily Driver

One of the great things about campervans is that they can be used as a daily driver. Unlike motorhomes, which are often too large to use for everyday driving, campervans are small enough to be used as your primary vehicle. And getting back to the insurance costs; many people own a regular car as a daily driver in addition to a motorhome. This means they have to pay two lots of registration, insurance, and on road costs.

6. Easy manoeuvrability 

Campervans are smaller and more agile than full-size RVs, allowing for easier navigation through narrow roads, tight parking spaces, and crowded campsites. Their compact size also makes them suitable for urban exploration and city camping.

7. Versatility 

Campervans offer a balance between comfort and practicality, making them suitable for various types of travel and lifestyles. They can be used for weekend getaways, long-term road trips, and even as a primary residence for digital nomads or van dwellers.

8. Pop-up roofs 

Campervans with pop-up roofs provide additional headroom and sleeping space, making them feel more spacious and comfortable. The pop-up roof can be easily raised when parked, allowing for a more open and airy living area, and lowered while driving to maintain a lower profile.

9. Freedom to explore 

Campervans provide the freedom to travel at your own pace, allowing you to easily change your itinerary, explore off-the-beaten-path destinations, and stay in remote or scenic locations. This flexibility is especially valuable when travelling through Australia, where the landscape and weather conditions can vary greatly.

In conclusion, if you’re planning a road trip, we highly recommend travelling in a campervan. They’re cheaper to run, easier to park, cheaper to insure, can fit in most underground car parks, and can be used as a daily driver. So why not give it a try and see for yourself why campervan travel is so popular? We have campervans available to hire on the Gold Coast and the Central Coast respectively, if you would like to do a “try before you buy”