Hitting the Open Road in a Skyline Camper – Pt 1

In this series of articles, we’re talking to Skyline Camper owners to see where they’ve gotten to and what they enjoy about their campervan overall. We’ve also included travel pics; some of our members have seen some truly amazing places in their travels!

Nick and Therese – SWB Skyline Camper

Avid cycle tourers, Nick and Therese have seen most of Europe and America on their bicycles but decided it was time to travel with more comfort.

The couple purchased the van from us site unseen and say its the best decision they’ve ever made! 

They took the long home back to Victoria from our factory on the Central Coast NSW, and have since taken the van to Kangaroo Island and even on to the beach at Emu Bay.

Nick says that their favourite features about the van are the reliability and the offgrid capability. Nick says; “The solar never runs out , we can have a hot shower and cold drink from the fridge and attend to our ablutions in comfort , something we didn’t have when cycle touring”

This van came with a heat exchange, slimline solar and a bullbar as some of the more notable additions to the build.

Therese kicking back, enjoying the sunset overlooking Point Jarvis in South Australia.

Valerie – VW Caddy

Valerie describes herself as a “travelling senior who loves the great outdoors” She drives a converted VW Caddy that she has named “the Gran-mobile” 😊

From attending meetups of over 1,000 RV enthusiasts at the Stone The Crows festival in Wagga Wagga, to having a nana-nap chill lunch break at the Bradman Oval in Bowral, Val says; “the converted Caddy meets every need of a Solo Gran, so I’m at home anywhere on or off road.”

Valerie catching some ZZZZs at Bradman Oval in Bowral.

Val goes on to say; “it crunches the long haul to chase the Queensland sun and every nature spot in between. A quick pop up awning for longer stays or privacy screens for playing the ukulele while the kettle boils, the Caddy long wheel base fit out was my best ever choice of home on wheels.”

Anita and David – 4Motion Skyline Camper with Lift Kit

Anita says; “What we love about the camper is the availability to get up and go and also use the van for around town. We have had ours lifted and added all terrain tyres so we need to be aware of height limitations but the off road capability cancels out the inconvenience.”

Travel Australia skyline camper

Initially the dreaded COVID lockdown limited their travel, but the couple managed to explore the Outback of Australia.