Why the VW Transporter is the Perfect Choice for a Camper Van

Chances are, if you ask someone to name a model of campervan, they’ll say; “Volkswagen” It’s hard to find another vehicle manufacturer that has the history and heritage of the VW marque.

The VW Transporter is a great choice for a camper van for a number of reasons; it’s reliable, holds its value well and has a high quality interior. The shape of the Transporter hasn’t changed for quite some time too. There’s been cosmetic changes made over the years, but the dimensions that matter for a camper conversion are exactly the same.

VW Heritage

Although other vans are used for camper conversions, from the Ford Transit to the Mercedes Sprinter, none of them have the history and heritage of Volkswagen.

The VW Transporter started back in the 1950s with the iconic T1 “Split Screen” The vehicle became an iconic symbol of freedom, featuring heavily in the hippie movement of the ’70s and as the van of choice for surfers. The VW Transporter had its 70th birthday in 2020.

The T1 Volkswagen Transporter
T1 Transporter Photo by Aad van der Klaauw

VW History

Since the launch of the T1 in the 50s, there has been the T2 with the bay window, and the T3 released in 1979 – all with the engine in the rear. With the release of the T4 in 1990, the engine was moved to the front of the vehicle where it has remained ever since.

The T2 Volkswagen Transporter
T2 Transporter Photo by Calvin Yin


Even after more than 70 years, you can still spot an old Transporter on the road. These vans have travelled the world and are renowned for their durability and build quality.


There’s no denying that the initial outlay for a converted Transporter is not cheap. But the beauty lies in the deprecation or lack thereof. No doubt COVID is playing a part in the spike of used car prices, but even so, we find a fully converted VW Transporter Camper Van holds it’s value very well.


One of the great pleasures of owning a VW Van lies in the community that you join as soon as you take possession of your vehicle. We don’t think you’ll find another make or model that engenders the same passion and cult following as the beloved VW Transporter.

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